Heel Pain and Cortisone Shots

Heel pain can be excruciating. I know; I’m a podiatrist in Sioux Falls, and I care for people with foot pain every day. I’m Doctor Gabriel Rodriguez, and today, I would like to talk to you about a common treatment for those that suffer with heel pain. A number of people seek out cortisone shots [...]

Risk Factors for Foot Fractures

I’m Doctor Gabriel Rodriguez, a podiatrist in Sioux Falls, where we love making your feet happy. Today, I want to talk to you about some of the risk factors for foot fractures, which are more common than you might think. Foot fractures stem from shock and trauma to the bones in the feet. Athletes who [...]

Irritating the Ball of the Foot

Our feet withstand a lot of abuse. But sometimes, they can’t take any more. Hi, I’m Doctor GabrielRodriguez, a foot doctor in Sioux Falls, and today’s blog is about the condition called Morton’s Neuroma, which can develop due to a repeated irritation of the ball of the foot. If you’re an avid sportsman and are [...]