Peripheral Vascular Disease and Diabetic Foot

Do you suffer with peripheral vascular disease? Do you also have diabetes? Well then, today’s blog is for you. This is Doctor Gabe Rodriguez, your friendly foot doctor in Sioux Falls, and today I want to explain why these two types of diseases need to be monitored very carefully.

Peripheral vascular disease is a condition where the arteries narrow, thus decreasing circulation. When blood is not circulating properly, it deprives the body of needed oxygen, which allows the body to heal when wounded. Therefore, if you have diabetes, which is also accompanied by neuropathy – the loss of feeling in the legs and feet – you could wake up one morning to a surprise wound that is terribly swollen because you could not sense it at the onset, and it could not heal properly.

If you have peripheral vascular disease and/or diabetes, I invite you to allow me, Doctor Rodriguez, to help you keep them under control. Click here for my full report on diabetic foot and to make an appointment at my Sioux Falls office:

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