Osteoporosis and Foot Fractures

Hi, I’m Doctor Gabe Rodriguez, and I’m a foot doctor in Sioux Falls. I would like to talk to you today about the correlation between osteoporosis and foot fractures.

Osteoporosis greatly increases an individual’s chances of fracturing or breaking one of the 26 bones in their feet. Because bones are weaker, a fall or a sudden impact on the foot, such as a can falling out of the cupboard or kicking into furniture, can cause injuries more easily.

If you have been diagnosed with osteoporosis, and are also experiencing foot pain, please see a podiatrist right away. I invite you to come to my office here in Sioux Falls and allow me, Doctor Rodriguez to help diagnose the problem. Click here for my full report on foot fractures and to make an appointment: http://siouxfallspodiatrist.net/fractures

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