Fungal Nail

Fungal nail can be an embarrassing disease. Thankfully, it is easily preventable. Hi, my name is Doctor Gabe Rodriguez and I operate a podiatry office here in Sioux Falls. I would like to talk to you today about how you can prevent foot fungus.

As can be derived from the word, a fungus is a type of bacteria that forms in warm, most climates. Fungal nail often develops as a result of walking barefoot on gym locker floors or wearing tight shoes that cause your feet to sweat and remain damp. To avoid contracting fungal nail, simply refrain from walking barefoot in communal locations and wear shoes that allow your feet to breathe.

If you think you may have developed fungal nail, I encourage you to come visit me, Doctor Rodriguez here in Sioux Falls. Click on the following link to receive a free report and to schedule an appointment:

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