Don’t Operate Your Own Personal Treatment Center, Part Three

Hi, I’m Doctor Gabe Rodriguez, a foot doctor here in the Sioux Falls area, and today, I am going to conclude our three-part series on some of the mistakes the people make by trying to treat their own foot ailments, specifically the condition known as bunions.

Although bunions can be quite painful, using pain killers to relieve your suffering is only a temporary fix. After a few hours, the medicine wears off and the pain returns. Pain killers, furthermore, can be addictive and some may have negative side effects.

If you really want to fight the pain that is associated with bunions, make an appointment with a licensed podiatrist as soon as possible. In fact, why don’t you come see me, Doctor Rodriguez, at my office here in Sioux Falls? Click here for my full report on bunions and to make an appointment:

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