Discolored Nails

Greetings, this is Doctor Gabe Rodriguez. I’m a podiatrist in Sioux Falls, and I would like to talk to you today about discolored nails.

Some people may think at the first sign of a discolored and thickened toenail that they have contracted fungal nail. While it could very well be the case, not every discolored toenail is fungal nail. There are a number of issues that you may be dealing with as bacteria takes a variety of forms. Your nails could be yellow, white, green or even black.

To properly diagnose the underlying issues with your nails, see a professional foot doctor. I invite you to come to my office here in Sioux Falls so that I can take a look. Click here to read my report on fungal nail and to make an appointment: http://siouxfallspodiatrist.net/fungal

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