The Podiatrist’s War Against Foot Ulcers

Foot ulcers. Ugh. I shudder just thinking about them.

I’m Doctor Gabriel Rodriguez and I’m a podiatrist here in Sioux Falls. I am on a mission to help my patients combat foot ulcers and eliminate them entirely.

Foot ulcers are sneaky, especially since they start off small in the form of a blister or abrasion, and then develop into an open wound. The most common suffers of this condition are diabetics who struggle with neuropathy. This is a dangerous combination, because neuropathy hinders the body from sensing the normal pains of a wound, thus potentially leaving it undetected and open for further development and infection.

If you suffer with foot ulcers, or are concerned about the potential for developing one, I want to help you conquer them head-on! Stop by and see me, Doctor [name], at my office in Sioux Falls and let’s talk! Click here for my full report on foot ulcers and to make an appointment:

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