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Peripheral Vascular Disease and Diabetic Foot

Do you suffer with peripheral vascular disease? Do you also have diabetes? Well then, today’s blog is for you. This is Doctor Gabe Rodriguez, your friendly foot doctor in Sioux Falls, and today I want to explain why these two types of diseases need to be monitored very carefully. Peripheral vascular disease is a condition [...]

What Causes Bunions?

Hello, Doctor Gabe Rodriguez here. Today, I would like to teach my friends in Sioux Falls who are suffering with foot pain about the deformity known as the bunion. Some may wonder what causes a bunion in the first place. After all, a bunion is simply the protruding of the joint of the big toe. [...]

The Importance of Wearing Cotton Socks

Your feet need to breathe. Hi, I’m Doctor Gabe Rodriguez, a podiatrist in Sioux Falls, and today I would like to talk to you about choosing your socks wisely. Fabrics differ in their ability to absorb moisture and to allow the skin to breathe. When it comes to socks, it is preferable to choose cotton [...]