Diagnostic Ultrasound

In-office ultrasound is a great convenience for patients. Many physicians require patients to make an appointment at a hospital or radiology center for this procedure. At S.F. Foot Specialist we can perform this diagnostic procedure in-office in a matter of minutes. Diagnostic ultrasound allows conditions to be diagnosed and evaluated quickly. It is an efficient way to view soft-tissue structures and detect any abnormalities.


The Orthoscan mobile DI is one of the latest fluoroscopy machines in the market for podiatry. Fluoroscopy is a means of taking a “live” x-ray in which structures of the foot can be observed in motion. It can also be used to minimize the invasiveness of surgery and to ensure that the alignment of joints and bones is correct during surgical procedures

Arterial bi-directional dopplers:

Once questionable clinical signs are found, arterial bi-directional Doppler provides non-invasive accurate information regarding the degree of peripheral arterial disease.  This information is vital when determining procedural course of action with a patient.