From Painful to Pampered

I know that you don’t want your feet to hurt anymore. You’re tired of the suffering, and you know that you need help. Well, you’ve come to the right place. I’m Doctor Rodriguez and I am a local foot doctor here in Sioux Falls. I want to help relieve the pain and suffering that you [...]

From Awkward to Aligned

Are you suffering from the affects of flatfoot? Does your stride feel a bit awkward? I can help! Hi, I’m Doctor Gabriel Rodriguez, and I’m a local podiatrist here in Sioux Falls. I know that flatfoot doesn’t only affect your feet. It can effect your whole skeletal system, since the loss of your arches throws [...]

What Does Fungal Nail Look Like?

Fungal nail is not a pretty sight. If you have it, you know that there’s a serious issue with your nail. Hello everyone, this is Doctor Gabriel Rodriguez here today to give residents of Sioux Falls a few pointers in identifying the common condition called fungal nail. Fungal nail appears in four variations: 1) The [...]