Playing Sports With an Ingrown Toenail

Hello, this is Doctor Gabe Rodriguez with you today to explain to my friends in Sioux Falls why it’s problematic to engage in sporting activities with an ingrown toenail. Since ingrown toenails puncture the skin as they turn downward, playing sports such as kickball, soccer or football can cause further damage and shock to the [...]

Epsom Salt

Greetings! Doctor Gabe Rodriguez here to talk to my friends in Sioux Falls about epsom salt, which is commonly used to relieve foot pain. Espsom salt does have good properties, including the ability to help draw toxins out of the body and to subside everyday aches and pains. It certainly may be relaxing to many [...]

Neuropathy and Frostbite: a Dangerous Combination

I’m Doctor Gabe Rodriguez, and today I would like to speak to residents of Sioux Falls who suffer from diabetes and neuropathy about why it’s important to avoid frostbite. Neuropathy, a condition often experienced by those with diabetes, affects the body’s ability to feel, and therefore, hot and cold often cannot be discerned. A person [...]