What Causes Plantar Fascitis?

In my last post we learned a bit about the condition called Plantar Fascitis and its definition. Today, I would like to outline some of the most common causes for this painful foot ailment. I’m Doctor Gabe Rodriguez and I have a podiatry office here in Sioux Falls, where I help people just like you [...]

What is Neuropathy?

Neuropathy is an interesting foot ailment, since many can suffer from it and not even know it. I’m Doctor GabeRodriguez and today’s blog is about the condition called neuropathy, which I tackle as a podiatrist here in Sioux Falls. The word “neuro” stands for the body’s nervous system. Your nervous system is what gives you [...]

What Causes Neuropathy?

If you suffer with the condition called neuropathy, it is important to find the root cause of the problem. Good day; I’m Doctor Gabe Rodriguez and I operate a podiatry practice here in Sioux Falls. Today, I would like to teach you about some of the main instigators of neuropathy. There are a number of [...]