The Progression of Hammertoes

Hello, this is Doctor Gabe Rodriguez, your favorite podiatrist in Sioux Falls. Today’s post is about hammertoes and what can happen when they are left untreated. Hammertoes progress over time, and once they form, they become very obvious. The toes begin to curl in and look like a claw. If the condition is not addressed [...]

Keeping Your Feet Clean

Hi, I’m Doctor Gabe Rodriguez, and today’s blog is about the importance of keeping your feet clean– something that all residents in Sioux Falls should know, but need to put into practice. Scrubbing the feet daily with soap and water helps to eliminate germs that may have collected on the feet, including any bacteria that [...]

Inaction is Not an Option

Some people live by the motto, “If I ignore it, maybe it will go away.”  However, such a notion can be dangerous when it comes to afflictions of the foot. I’m Doctor Gabe Rodriguez, a podiatrist in Sioux Falls, and I want to encourage you not to wait for your pains to heal themselves. A [...]