Sports Medicine

Sport Specific Orthotics

Different sports put different demands on your body. The repetitive impact of distance running, the twisting and jumping of basketball, and the shifting of skiing require your feet and ankles to adjust differently to your weight. Custom made sport orthotics tailored to your specific activity can help keep you injury free. Many professional athletes rely on custom orthotics to keep them at the top of their game. S.F. Foot Specialist offers an array of styles that can be custom fit to you and your needs.

Biomechanical Evaluations
A physical examination of the feet and the way they function is critical to a proper diagnosis. Subtle differences in the symmetry of the feet can be big clues as to what is happening under the surface. A simple walk down the hallway may be all that is needed to perform a gait analysis that can reveal a whole source of potential problems. These evaluations may be especially telling when a problem seems to only exist during a certain activity.